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About Us>>Neem Specialisation
  • We have achieved a lot and are still working towards more and more achievements in field of NEEM TREE.

  • We offer the Highest Range of Neem Materials worldwide.

  • We offer Highest amount of Natural Azadirachtin in Neem Oil > 2000 ppm round the year in commercial quantities.

  • We offer Highest range of Azadirachtin Technical 7 % - 96 %

  • We offer the Highest range of Fortified Azadirachtin 300ppm - 65000 ppm.

  • We offer the highest range of Neem Tree Oils. Presently 7 Varieties.

  • We offer Lowest ( 100 ml ) and highest quantity of Neem Materials ( Container loads ) round the year etc...

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