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About Us>>Neem Promotion


To promote Neem Tree, we are carrying out following practices presently:

1. We arrange Free Lectures to general populace on Neem's usage.

2. Despite being an Exporter, Rym Exports supplies Quality Neem products to its Competitors, i.e.other Indian Exporters as it puts itself first as a Neem Promoter.

3. We have referred several customers our Competitors website and contact details whenever we think that they can benefit in some or the other way from our competitiors than us,eg. proximity, on line payment ,etc..

4. We motivate people to switch over to Neem products from Chemical products, plant more Neem trees, and spread the word.

5. We even entertain buyer of 100 ml Neem Oil ! No doubt, World Trade Centre, Bombay
mentioned our efforts to Educate People reg. the miraculous properties of Neem and to
Promote Traditional Indian Neem World-wide.

6. We give Free or Subsidised Neem Materials to Researchers,Scientists & University R & D Centres,in India & Abroad.

7. We give Momentos and Limited Free Neem Products to Farmers / Individuals who practice / advocate / support Organic Farming Movement.

8. We regularly notify International Buyers Community on Precautions and Guidelines while Purchasing Neem Oil from any source and also give factual advice .

9. We support Workshops / Exhibitions,etc..held by Third Parties on Promoting /Research
Activities on NEEM TREE by spending Manhours for them, giving them free information,
or by the way of Advertising / Membership.

10. We impart Free knowledge & Guidance to University Students in India & Abroad doing any Research /Project related to NEEM TREE.

11. We subscribe to News groups on Neem and enlighten people on Neem Properties without any commercialisation angle.

12. We have given complete details on Neem for Free to a NGO in USA, which they have been sharing with various organic producers and associated non-profit organizations concerned with sustainable development, organic agriculture and wild simulated medicinal plant cultivation.

13. We always try our level best to avoid Neem Wood Commercialisation so as to protect the Neem Tree at the cost of our profits.

14. We make People/Organisations aware that the true name of Neem is Azadirachta Indica and not Melia Azaderach, upon which they have made changes on their websites and acknowledged us for the same.

15. We are also consulted by Project Managers of Huge & Middle Size Cos. trying to venture into Neem Products.

16. We have given quality Neem Oil to repackers of Neem Oil at a nominal / cheaper price to remove the solvent grade oil from the Market, which was spoiling the Neem 's name.

17. We give patient hearing to Individuals / Cos. interested in Neem Promotion and also sometimes associate with them in official terms.


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